The PTA runs on volunteers and we are always in need

Please look at the current open positions and descriptions:

Current open position descriptions and to sign up (PTA Members) 


Current open position descriptions and sign ups (Non-PTA Member/Guest)


The following is general information about the structure of the Newport Heights PTA.

Being involved with this organization can be a very rewarding experience. You are afforded the opportunity to be involved in the NHE community and have a voice in decisions and directions.

Being involved with your students school is one of the tops ways to enhance their experience and can improve their learning and social skills.


Basic Structure of the PTA:

Executive PTA Board:  

The PTA leadership is made up of 4 executive positions; President, co-President (vice President), Treasurer and Secretary. These 4 individuals have yearly required training (2-3 hours) and attend monthly meetings.  

PTA Board Directors:  

We have 5 Director positions of our PTA; Hospitality, Communications, Fundraising, Educational Enrichment and Student Programs.  These 5 Directors and the Executive Committee make up the PTA Board.  All Board members attend a monthly Board meeting as well as 3-4 General Membership Meetings throughout the year.  

PTA Chairpersons:  

Each category of our PTA and event has a Leader that coordinates, communicates or leads a team of volunteers.  These individuals are the true leaders and allow our school to have community events, educational enrichment events and provide the hospitality and communications that are the invaluable components to making our school function at it's best.