Newport Heights PTA Math Challenge Program 2021-2022

In our beginning of the year PTA survey, families said they wanted STEM-related enrichment opportunities for their children.  Newport Heights PTA is excited to bribg the Math Challenge Program to our school.

Quick Links

Current Math Challenge
Math Challenge 3, “Autumn Medley”
Submission Form (Google Form)

Past Math Challenges

MC #2 “Three or More Numbers” (PDF)

MC #1 “One to Twelve” (PDF)

Every challenge and answer sheet on one page (Math in Action website)

About Math Challenge

  • Math Challenge is a free enrichment program open to all Newport Heights Elementary students in partnership with Math in Action. All students K to Grade 5 are invited to participate.

  • There will be 15 challenges throughout the school year; each set is published every other week starting in late September and ending in May.

  • Each challenge presents 10 to 18 problems ordered by level of difficulty.

Benefits of Math Challenge Program

  • The purpose of this program is to engage and challenge students to solve interesting math problems while along the way, strengthen their problem-solving skills and math fundamentals.

  • Math Challenge Program improves children’s overall math attitudes.

  • Students expand the mathematical knowledge as the work with friends and family members to solve these problems.


How to register 

  • The program is free. You are automatically registered when you submit your first challenge..


How to submit your answers

  • Each challenge will be released on a Friday. You will have about 2 weeks to complete it. The schedule is posted below.

  • Access the current challenge and learn more about the program on the NHE page at MathinAction.

  • Complete the challenge and submit by entering your answers in via the Google Form. (See QUICK LINK at top of this page.

  • The challenges encourage problem solving strategies such as draw a picture or model, make an organized list, look for a pattern, work backward, and guess and check. If your student would like to share an interesting solution, email it to

  • The Google Form only accepts a student’s answer to a problem, but we also love to see solutions that show how students are thinking about the math. If your student has a solution (using words, pictures, numbers, diagrams, photos, etc.) that they’d like to share, send a photo or digital copy to Anne Figge at With permission we’ll share these on the PTA website.



  • Students who participate in at least one Math Challenge will be entered in a drawing for a small prize in June.

  • Students who successfully complete 12 or more Math Challenges will receive a certificate of achievement in June.



Wall of Fame

  • With parent/guardian permission, students who participate in the Math Challenge program will be recognized on our Math Challenge Wall of Fame.‚Äč


Challenge Schedule



How Can I Help My Child be Successful?

  • Problems get more challenging as you work through each challenge. Encourage your student to solve as many problems as they can. Students may attempt any number of problems. (Use the “required” number of problems for each grade level as a guideline.)
  • Remember that students may ask a friend or family member if they need help getting started. Good mathematicians help each other expand their thinking! The Math Challenge is supposed to be fun! Productive struggle is good, but it’s time for a break if that struggle is turning to frustration.
  • Focus on more than getting the right answer. Encourage your child to use a variety of problem-solving strategies

  • Watch this page for tips and ideas on helping your child without doing too much. Our goal is to provide every NHE student with a “just-right” challenging math experience. If you find that the format is simply too difficult or too easy for your child, please let us know. We’ll work with you to make appropriate modifications. Happy Solving!


Sign up for Math Challenge Email Reminders!

Register for email updates when each Math Challenge is released (Fridays at noon) by sending a request to Anne Figge at The email reminders will have easy links for each part of the Math Challenge process!!




The Math Challenge contact person at Newport Heights is Anne Figge. For questions, technical assistance, or to request appropriate accommodations, please email her at




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