Newport Heights Elementary PTA


The PTA runs on volunteers and we are always in need

As of November 1st the open positions for the 2017-18 school year are:

  • Refreshment Committee  This volunteer team position will involve taking requests for food and beverages for events throughout the school year. This is a flexible position. You will be asked but not required to bring food and/or beverages. Sometimes you might not be available, and that's okay. The other flexible aspect of it is you can prepare the dish and drop it by the school for the event. This works well for people with limited time. Some of the events will take place in the evenings, which may be an option for people who otherwise wouldn't be available. Please consider signing up.
  • Newport Heights Play The NHE Play is a long tradition that takes place in the spring. The 2nd through 5th grade students are all welcome to be part of this wonderful experience. This is a large production in terms of the number of students who will be involved and we need a team!
    • Chair people The role for this team is that of a producer. The directors hired by NHE PTA will take care of the creative part and running the rehearsals. The Chair people on this team will be the organizers. Organizing daily rehearsals for all students involved in the play.
    • Lead Rehearsal Support Co-Chair positions. This is a 2 person job that will involve being at ALL rehearsals to make sure all students are checked in and picked up each night. These volunteers can take turns so they are not both at rehearsal every day.
    • Costume Helpers Many people are needed. This position involves creating the costumes for all cast members. You will work with the Lead Costume Designer on concept and your main job will be to execute the designs.
    • Set Design Co-Chairs This is a 2 person job. The play usually has 2 back drops that are painted and some other side pieces. The hired director will be very helpful in working with you on these. All supplies are provided. Just lead your creativity and time and magic will happen!
    • Technical Director If you're technically savvy and want to learn how to work our lights and sound system this is the job for you! Mr. Faletto will be your mentor and train you in all aspects of this job.
    • Parent Directors Many people are needed for these positions. A big team of 10 or more are needed to be in charge of a small group of students. You will take attendance, sit with them when they're not on stage, make sure appropriate behavior is maintained, and practice their lines when they are waiting).

 To sign up for the school play, please click here

Please look at the current open positions and descriptions:

Current open position descriptions and to sign up (PTA Members) 


Current open position descriptions and sign ups (Non-PTA Member/Guest)


The following is general information about the structure of the Newport Heights PTA.

Being involved with this organization can be a very rewarding experience. You are afforded the opportunity to be involved in the NHE community and have a voice in decisions and directions.

Being involved with your students school is one of the tops ways to enhance their experience and can improve their learning and social skills.


Basic Structure of the PTA:

Executive PTA Board:  

The PTA leadership is made up of 4 executive positions; President, co-President (vice President), Treasurer and Secretary. These 4 individuals have yearly required training (2-3 hours) and attend monthly meetings.  

PTA Board Directors:  

We have 5 Director positions of our PTA; Hospitality, Communications, Fundraising, Educational Enrichment and Student Programs.  These 5 Directors and the Executive Committee make up the PTA Board.  All Board members attend a monthly Board meeting as well as 3-4 General Membership Meetings throughout the year.  

PTA Chairpersons:  

Each category of our PTA and event has a Leader that coordinates, communicates or leads a team of volunteers.  These individuals are the true leaders and allow our school to have community events, educational enrichment events and provide the hospitality and communications that are the invaluable components to making our school function at it's best.