Newport Heights Elementary PTA


Important Dates and Times for 5th grade Families

June 18th -- Permission slips for party are due (Permission Slip here)
June 19th -- Graduation Rehearsal and Set up Decorating Day
  • 1:00 pm: Rehearsal with Teachers and Students
  • 1:00-4:00 pm: Graduation Ceremony Set-up and Decorating (anyone welcome!)
June 20th -- Graduation Ceremony and Party
  • 7 am-7:50 am: Setup and last minute decor and setup of outside reception area
  • 8:00-8:15 am:  Families arrive through the gym doors for the ceremony and get seated
  • 8:15 am:  Ceremony begins (ceremony invite here)
  • 9:30 am:  Ceremony ends and reception begins in outside area 
  • 10:20 am:  Students return to class with teachers 
  • 12:05 pm:  Regular dismissal and students who have turned in permission slips are chaperoned to party at the Newport Hills Swim and Tennis Club
  • 12:20-3:00 pm:  Graduation Party at the Newport Hills Swim and Tennis Club (Party details here)
  • 3:00 pm:  Please arrive promptly to pick up child at the Newport Hills Swim and Tennis Club 


2017-2018 5th Grade Event Details

5th grade Events Committee:

Chairperson:  Anne Wilson

Ceremony:  Karen Rhatigan

Party:  Gina Fragione, Twyla Brown and Lori Meyers

Legacy Gift:  Julie Seng

Fundraising: Nicole Dalluge and Sarah Oliver

Slide-show:  Linda O'Hare and Diana Unay

Decor:  Emma Potter, Mariko Connell and Sarah Herr


Family Involvement and Requests


Donate as a website user

Donate as a website guest

 Donate by sending a check made out to the NHE PTA with "5th Grade events" in the memo and place in an envelope labeled 5th grade events to the NHE office.


Signup to Volunteer

Slide show:

  • Please send a current photo and a baby (1-3 year old) photo to Linda O'Hare at -or- upload to  google drive -or- bring hard copies placed in an envelope labeled "5th grade slide-show" to the NHE office
  • Send group photos of students at NHE events that are from this year or past years


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General Information

During the month of October the 5th grade events committee forms and begins fundraising for the 5th grade events; including the Ceremony, 5th Grade graduation, legacy gift and other 5th grade activities.  The goal is to raise $5000 to support the PTA and fund these events.  For further information on fund allocation and PTA budget, please contact the PTA treasurer at  

  • Ceremony:  Typically this event is in the morning of the last Wednesday of the school year in the NHE Gym.  Special speakers including our Principal, presentation of certificates, slide show and other memorable moments are planned.  Refreshment and photos are typically afterward in the outside covered area.
  • Party:  Typically on the same day of the ceremony after school.  This event is typically scheduled at the Newport Hills Swim and Tennis club.  Signed permission slips are required.  This is a PTA sponsored event with PTA volunteers and supervision.  Parent chaperones are required.  Food, swimming and land games are planned.
  • Legacy Gift:  The 5th grade students raise money to fund a gift back to the school.  The gift decision is based on discussions with administration, staff, parents and the PTA board.  PTA board approval is required.